Return of the Sun | Tanz in Ekstase Mai 2017

Hey there ūüôā A few weeks ago we had a fantastic party again. This time we had as many visitors as never before. On the mainfloor we had some fantastic djs from Return of the Sun playing oldschool goa trance, suomisaundi, acid trance and other styles of ecstatic trance. The chillout floor as usual provided a nice spot to relax, listen to ambient and psychedelic chillout sounds and have some yummy chai tea. For the first time we invited a psychedlic rock band. They started the party with lots of energy.

Of course we tried to create a magical environment with our blacklight decoration. Salatkommando from our team did an excellent string art octagon in front of the dj table. I used a new fabric for the mainfloor: gossamer or something just like fly screen. It turned out beautiful and it seemed like the pattern was floating in the air. The decoration on the chillout floor was provided by the Waldrausch Crew, who also did the tea booth.

We got a lot of positive feedback and we are looking forward to our next party planned in October.

The fantastic beautiful pictures were taken by Nadine Beck (all rights belong to her).





This is my first time using spandex or lycra. I like the way you can stretch it in every direction and play with it. Though it was a lot of work cutting all the holes, I enjoyed it. I wanted it to look like a sun, but I guess it’s a starfish. What do you think?

Oktober 2016, Acrylfarbe auf Elasthan, (200 cm x 150 cm)

(October 2016, acrylic paint on spandex, 200 cm  x 150 cm)



Return of the Sun | a Psychedelic Sound Gathering

Hey there. So on the 20th of May I had my first opportunity to organize and decorate a party at a club! It was at the Kulturhaus Kili in Berlin and was planned by the Return of the Sun team, which I am a part of now. With Sarvo Hydrogoalogy and Pandu (Digedax) I decorated the Chillout and Mainfloor.

The DJs played a variety of psytrance: Oldschool and newschool goa, Suomisaundi and Acid Psytrance. While the party took place I served Chai, other types of tea, vegan cakes and fruit. This was also my first time and it was really fun. The guests gave us a lot of positive feedback and we also liked hosting the party in this club, so in the future there will be more events.



The Mainfloor:



The Chillout Area:


Vine with leaves

My first try in making some more decoration. It’s not very robust, but I think it’s a good start.

Februar 2016, Acrylfarbe, Zeitungspapier, Tapetenkleister, (ca 280 cm lang)

(February 2016, acrylic paint, newspapers, wallpaper paste, about 280 cm long)



in the daylight


under blacklight