Return of the Sun | a Psychedelic Sound Gathering

Hey there. So on the 20th of May I had my first opportunity to organize and decorate a party at a club! It was at the Kulturhaus Kili in Berlin and was planned by the Return of the Sun team, which I am a part of now. With Sarvo Hydrogoalogy and Pandu (Digedax) I decorated the Chillout and Mainfloor.

The DJs played a variety of psytrance: Oldschool and newschool goa, Suomisaundi and Acid Psytrance. While the party took place I served Chai, other types of tea, vegan cakes and fruit. This was also my first time and it was really fun. The guests gave us a lot of positive feedback and we also liked hosting the party in this club, so in the future there will be more events.



The Mainfloor:



The Chillout Area:


Vine with leaves

My first try in making some more decoration. It’s not very robust, but I think it’s a good start.

Februar 2016, Acrylfarbe, Zeitungspapier, Tapetenkleister, (ca 280 cm lang)

(February 2016, acrylic paint, newspapers, wallpaper paste, about 280 cm long)



in the daylight


under blacklight

Update/ Backdrop Psylephant

It has been quite a while since I did my last post. I was busy with my master thesis, but I did some new work. The next months I will be able to decorate a dance floor at a party, which I am really looking forward to. Of course I will take a lot of pictures. Until the party there is still a lot of work to do. I planed to finish two large backdrops and to build some more 3D stuff. In summer I want to visit two psytrance festivals to write a detailed report with pictures. 

I created this backdrop in summer and brought it to outdoor parties.🙂 See pictures down below.

Backdrop Psylephant:

February 2016, Acrylfarbe auf Baumwolle, (160 cm x 85 cm)

(February 2016, acrylic paint on cotton, 160 cm  x 85 cm)



backdrop Psylephant2

in the day

Backdrop Psylephantunder blacklight


@ Strahlentrance (Return of the Sun) Juni 2015